How do you become a professional footballer?


When it comes to being a professional footballer, there are three categories that you need to excel in:








Your overall technique encompasses all of the individual skills that make up a well rounded player. When it comes to having excellent technique in all areas, one of the greatest examples is Iniesta from Barcelona. Having been picked in the World XI for 9 years running he is the epitome of a gifted technical midfield player.

Having a top class technique means you master the arts of:

Short and Long Passing
First Touch
Ball Control





The physical side of football has become more and more important in the 21st Century. Nowadays, to be a professional you have to be a top athlete with incredible discipline.  The speed and strength of the game has increased so much and a perfect example of this is Cristiano Ronaldo. He has worked on his body so much that he is hardly ever injured and makes sure that he is always in peak physical condition.

Being a top physical athlete means you are proficient in:

Upper and Lower Body Strength & Power



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At Football EQ we focus a great deal on the mental side of the game. The mentality can make the difference between a "good" and "top class" player. Gary Neville in his career was a fantastic example of somebody with the right mentality. He was not the most gifted or technical of players but he did make sure that he was mentally prepared for every single game. He demonstrated the following mental characteristics:



How to Master these areas of your game?

If you want to make it as a professional footballer someday then you need to work on all of these characteristics every single day. You don't need to perfect them all, only the very best players in the world are able to. However, the more traits you master, the better play you will be and the better chance of making it as a professional you will have.

At Football EQ we have developed an online training program where we take you through each of these individual traits and show you how to practice them. It can be rather overwhelming when trying to figure out what to practice - our program does this for you.

Take a look for yourself, we have a free smaller version that you can use for your very own training. Give it a go and take your first steps towards training like a professional footballer!


A coach once told me there are four factors that determine a players’ performance: his tactical awareness, his physical condition, his technical ability and his mental strength.
— Gary Neville