Work Ethic on the Pitch

How Hard Are You Working On The Field?

Ask yourself honestly, are you really working as hard as you can be on the field? Small differences in the work rate between players is incredibly noticeable and if you're not putting in, you can be sure that your coach and teammates will know. There are very few players who have the licence to not put a defensive shift in and quite literally, all I can think of are Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi but even they work for their team.

A high work rate isn't always just about what you do defensively, but also your movement and runs off the ball to create space for your teammates. A small increase in work ethic from each player in your team ends up creating a huge difference for the whole team as a collective. If everyone puts in a shift and walks off the pitch and can say to themselves that they honestly gave it everything, your team will be successful.

However, plenty of players and people out there have high ambitions without providing the actions to back it up. If you want to be a professional footballer, you have to work hard - it's as simple as that! This means in your own training, in club training and with or without possession of the ball. How would you like people to talk about you; as a player who plays selfishly or a player who works tirelessly for the team?

Your strong work ethic on the pitch will bring you success that you never thought possible. That extra 5 metre sprint to close down a defender could cause a mistake which provides you with an attack on goal. That extra run to take a defender with you might create space for a teammate's shot on goal in which you score from the rebound. Hard work will always deliver results in whatever sport or industry you're in!

So be a player who is unselfish and works for the team. Put in the hard work, make that extra 40m sprint back in defence because the rewards will certainly come. Your teammates will notice, your coach will notice and any potential selectors will notice as well. Take the attitude that you are going to be the hardest working player on your team and you'll find that your performances will greatly improve.

Thanks for reading,

Chris Toovey