Why Practicing Dribbling can Improve Every Part of your Game

Become An Excellent Dribbler Of The Ball Right Now

Dribbling a ball at speed and taking on players with confidence is the hardest thing to do in football. So that means that if you can perfect the hardest skill in the game, you're certainly going to stand out in your league. The best and most exciting players in the world are the ones who are the best at dribbling.

The skill of dribbling requires exceptional ball control, particularly when performed at speed. It's such a great skill to practice because it also trains every part of your game. The more touches you have on the ball, the greater your control of it will be. Dribbling ensures you use the instep, outstep and laces part of your foot. You are also using these parts of your foot when changing direction at speed making the skill even more difficult.

You will find that the more you dribble the ball, the better your overall ball control becomes. This means your first touch, ball striking and passing all improve as a result of consistent dribbling practice. You're coordination between your foot and the ball is constantly worked when you train dribbling - this is why I recommend dribbling as the number 1 skill you practice.

Confidence is also what you will gain when you know you're a top dribbler. To believe that you can get past your defender majority of the time and create opportunities will definitely make you a better player. So practice dribbling everyday, create various situations that are game related and run through the drills repeatedly. 

Thanks for reading,

Chris Toovey