Why Cristiano Ronaldo is the Complete Player

Cristiano Ronaldo pretty much has everything

Ronaldo has always been my favourite player and even though he has changed his game over the years because of age, he's still very exciting to watch. He has become a more intelligent player and uses his energy at the times it is most needed. When you think about creating the perfect footballer after creating a list of all the required attributes, you would pretty much be left with Cristiano Ronaldo - he has everything.

From what I can tell he is the hardest working footballer in the world, dedicating every minute to perfecting his craft. I understand the hate that he gets because of his personality, not everyone likes that - but you can't deny his ability and work ethic. I admire anyone who is willing to work as hard as he has!

So why is he the complete player? He has the ultimate physique: strong, fast, agile, powerful, flexible and he very rarely gets injured! He has crafted his body to turn himself into the ultimate footballer that benefits his style of play. The power in his legs to leap above the defenders and win a header for example is on a whole new level to anyone else - this is why he scores so many headers! He also turned heading (something he hated at first) into a major strength of his.

Ronaldo can score from distance, is a predator in the box and although it's decreased lately - can still take a great free kick. He's the ultimate goal scoring machine and always turns up on the big occasion. He's a big game player, a leader and has more determination to win than any other player I've seen. 

His skillset on the ball is also freakish. His levels of dribbling, passing and control over the ball separate him from everybody else. Although I personally think Messi is better on the ball, Ronaldo is still phenomenal and can dominate any team. His mindset is on a completely different level to everyone else too; he has the perfect mentality for a successful footballer. 

My only criticism on Ronaldo is that from what I've seen, it looks in the past as if he has been disappointed when his teammates have scored and he hasn't. I understand it, he purely just wants to be the man for his team and I'm unsure whether or not this is completely true, none of us will ever really know. Despite this he is still my favourite player and I'm hoping he can win himself a 6th ballon d'or for this season.

Thanks for reading,

Chris Toovey