What made Thierry Henry a great player

Thierry Henry - An Arsenal Legend

For me, Thierry Henry is one of the greatest ever players to play in the premier league and probably the greatest striker alongside Alan Shearer. But what made him so good, why did he stand out among everyone else?

There are many technical reasons why Henry was great, such as his finishing ability, pace and ability on the ball. However, there are many players that have this but still struggle to stand out amongst their competitors. What made him and all the players that are at the very top level different?

They have the hunger and desire to win and be the best! As a player it is your mentality that gets you to the top, not your skill level. Of course, to be the best you have to be skilled but the common denominator behind every single competitor at the top level is they are hungrier than everyone else. Henry had a knack of making sure he was in the right position all the time to score goals. Putting yourself in that position is all about hunger and fighting through the hurt of fatigue to get there.

We see this with great goal scorers like Ronaldo, Suarez, Messi and Harry Kane where their work rate is on a different level to the players around them. They also have football brains that allow them to read the play faster than anyone else so they can put themselves in the right position. Thierry Henry was one of my favourite players growing up because he had all the characteristics of a champion player and was someone who had the enviable desire to work harder than all of his opponents. 

I believe one day he'll make a fantastic manager, perhaps at Arsenal FC? ;) 

Thanks for reading,

Chris Toovey