What is Vision?

Vision Allows You To See Things That Other Players Can't

Are you a player that has vision on the football pitch or have you played with someone who has got it? As a midfielder who delivers the ball through to the attackers, having vision is certainly a great asset. It allows you to see opportunities before they arise keeping you one step ahead in the game. Vision requires having a good level of game understanding which is why more senior players have better vision than younger ones.

Some players are definitely born with more vision than others, they seem to naturally have it in them as juniors. However, you can improve your vision by practicing your game awareness. If you can become a player that is always aware of where your teammates and the opposing defenders are, then your level of vision will increase.

Once you're aware of where everyone is, true vision then involves seeing an opportunity arise that no one else can see. Do you ever see Lionel Messi make a pass that just looked impossible at first? He's able to do this because he has superior vision on the pitch to anyone else. Having a better level of vision will improve your creativity and enhance your value to the team as you can put players in dangerous situations with crafty little passes.

So how exactly do you enhance your vision. Do this at training in any game type situation by lifting your head and taking note of where everyone is located on the pitch. You will become better at this by improving your senses meaning you won't have to spend as much time looking. Knowing where everyone is positioned will become instinctual to you which in turn, will increase your level of vision.  

Thanks for reading,

Chris Toovey