Understand your Coach, Understand your Teammates

The best teams all understand each other's roles and responsibilities 

Have you ever played in a team where you were confused about you role on the pitch? Were you confident going into the game or did you feel a little bit uneasy? Imagine if all 11 players felt like this... do you think the team would be successful? Of course not, the best teams are the ones who all individually understand each other's roles and responsibilities. 

Clarity in your role will allow you to go into a game with more focus and direction and will ultimately lead to a better performance on the pitch. The key is for each player to have this clarity and once they do, the team will have more success. So how do you create this clarity? Generally it has to come from the coach. But first, as a player you need to understand your coach and the style in which he wants to play.

Every coach has their own style of play which they believe is perfect. Not many will move away from their own style so you need to adapt and fit into it, along with your 10 other teammates. When their's conflicting points of view about the style of play within the team, you will find the team does not perform as well. Everyone has to be on the same page for a successful team to form.

It is mainly down to the coach to deliver his message and ensure his players understand what each other have to do. My advice is that every single person in the team must take personal responsibility in understanding everyone's role within the team. The best way for this to occur is once a week to meet as a team for 15 minutes before training where an open discussion can occur. Again, the purpose of this is for everyone to understand each other which improves team cohesion.

Have an open mind, understand that everyone has different views and be prepared for your ideas to be challenged. A successful football team and player is just as much psychological as it is technical. Focus on the psychology of your team and you will have greater success.

Thanks for reading,

Chris Toovey