Train Your Weaker Foot!

Unless Your Lionel Messi, You Need To Have Two Feet!

In the modern game players are that good that you need to almost have every skill in the book! If you're a one footed player then you're going to be found out very quickly as you move to higher levels. Your weaker foot must be trained more than your stronger because it has a whole lot of catching up to do!

Having two feet will make you an immensely better player and allow you to take advantage of many more opportunities on the field. It takes a long time to have to fix the ball back onto your better side before executing an action and in this time, the defender may have already won the ball back. Being confident on both feet will allow you to score more goals and create more dangerous attacking situations for your team.

If you're a wide player, being two footed gives you the opportunity to play on the other side of the field. Ever had the problem of not being able to take the place of someone in your position? Well, you can always try the other side of the pitch and be just as effective if you're a two footed player.

Being able to cross, pass and shoot with your weaker foot will save you lots of time make you a more versatile player. You'll be more dangerous and unpredictable because defenders won't know what foot they'd prefer you dribble with. It's so important that you pay more attention to your weaker side and develop this part of your game. 

You'll become a far better and more versatile player when you do this!

Thanks for reading,

Chris Toovey