The Top 6 in the Premier League 2017/18 So Far

After 22 rounds so far, we’ve seen a very different premier league to what we’re used to. We haven’t witnessed such dominance from a team since the Arsenal Invincibles back in 2004. Pep Guardiola and Manchester City have taken football to a new level this season with the likes of Kevin De Bruyne and David Silva playing in career best form. We’ve also seen young players such as Raheem Sterling and Leroy Sane take their game to another level under Pep.

Their style of football, energy and commitment to every single game this season has been outstanding which bears the question, can they go undefeated? We’ve seen further improvement from Manchester United where in any other year, they’d most likely be either top of the table or in strong contention. The efforts from Chelsea and Liverpool have also been very strong but it’s harder to appreciate their quality when comparing them to Manchester City.

After going in with such high expectations, Tottenham Hotspur have remained largely inconsistent with the curse of Wembley proving to be a big factor. Then there’s Arsenal who haven’t surprised anybody, it has gotten to the point now where we know how their season is going to go before it starts… Their biggest challenge will be the management of Ozil and Sanchez who are both expected to leave in either January or the summer transfer window.

So who is going to finish in the top 4? Well, Manchester City are essentially already there and should be the title winners. With only 8 points separating Manchester United (2nd) and Arsenal (6th), the race for champions league spots is certainly on! Everything may hinge on the January transfer window with a couple clubs expecting some form of player shuffling.

Liverpool are expected to be dealt a blow by losing Philippe Coutinho but have already been bolstered at the back by the much needed signing of Virgil Van Dijk. There have been rumours circling that either Thomas Lemar or Riyad Mahrez will sign before the end of January which would help replace Coutinho. If Arsenal are to lose Sanchez to Manchester City, then it may be very difficult to see them getting into the top 4. Chelsea and Tottenham aren’t presumed to be make any major signings, nor are Manchester United linked with any game changing players just yet.

I predict that the race is going to go down to the final day as all clubs have strong enough squads to mount a challenge. The depth to which these clubs go in the champions league this season could also prove to be a major factor. Our prediction for the top 6 is:

1)    Manchester City

2)    Manchester United

3)    Chelsea

4)    Liverpool

5)    Tottenham

6)    Arsenal


Thanks for Reading,

Chris Toovey