The Necessity of Failure

Failing is the first step towards success

I'm going to be producing a number of videos on this topic within the coming weeks but first, here are my thoughts in written format.

Failing is the most important ingredient in generating success. Just like the title of this article says, it's a necessity! Do you wanna know why? Because when we fail, we figure out what we need to work on to become better! None of us are born perfect having mastered everything! How do we get good at anything? By first being terrible at it, failing and then improving over time. Think about the first time you started to walk as a baby, you failed and fell over! But guess what, naturally you were programmed not to quit and you eventually learnt how to walk.

So using this example, deep down we know that it's a necessity for improvement. When we relate this to football, failing with your first touch, missing an open goal, losing track of your man are all requirements before perfecting these skills. However, the biggest problem with the idea of failure is our relationship with failure!!!

How we relate to failure is the root problem. Most human beings are scared to fail and when we are scared to fail, we avoid taking risks and putting ourselves out there. This is because most of us are too concerned about what other people think about our failures... What becomes the consequence of this you ask? Well, we don't take those required risks and end up not improving at anything!

It seems so silly! Many sportsman and women all go to the gym every single week with one purpose in mind, to fail! That's what muscle growth is, pushing yourself to the point where you can't complete that final repetition and achieve failure! You failed but guess what, you have benefited and you have grown! If we took this same approach to everyday life then we would be more willing to take risks, to push ourselves and to grow as human beings.

Your relationship with failure is what is stunting your growth. If you want to work on self development or any particular skill but are worried about what your friends might say, then you're playing a losing game. The way to be a winner, to grow and achieve any sort of greatness is to accept failure as a part of the process. So embrace failure, seek it out just like people to at the gym and you will find your life in all areas grows at a dramatic rate!

Thanks for reading,

Chris Toovey