The Importance of Training Your Legs

Strength in Football is Paramount at the Top Level

As you begin to move to higher levels of football, you will find that being a strong player becomes more important as you move up. There are three components of strength that you must work on - upper body, lower body and core strength. This article is about leg strength.

What are the benefits of having strong legs in football? I'll give you three right now!

1) Confidence in Tackles

This one is a no brainer, the more muscle mass on your legs the more confidence you'll have coming up against other smaller players in tackles. Big, strong challenges from other players will be something you no longer fear, you will actually look forward to it because it becomes something that allows you to stand out. You get to become that player that has no fear of any challenge whatsoever!

2) Greater Acceleration

The more strength you have, the greater the force you can provide. In regards to acceleration, the more force you provide the faster you will move. In football, the first 10 - 20 meters is much more important than top speed meaning focusing on acceleration should become a key part of your training. You will now be able to win possession of the ball much more frequently with greater leg strength due to your increase in acceleration.

3) Shot Power

Again, a simple one - the more strength, the more power can be produced. I do always say that greater shot power is generally produced by consistent practice of the technique. However, if you combine copious hours of practice with stronger and more developed leg strength, you have the perfect recipe for a solid increase in shot power. The perfect example of this is the Brazilian International, Hulk.

So there you have it, three great benefits to training your legs for strength. There are many more than this as well so please do not neglect training your legs in Football. I'll touch on both upper body strength and core strength in future articles to come.

Thanks for reading,

Chris Toovey