Struggling to Score Goals as a Striker?

Have you hit a rough patch and find you can't score goals at the moment?

This happens to every striker at some point in their careers and you need to find a way to fight through this without losing your confidence. It can be very difficult to do but once you come through to the other side, you'll be better off for the experience. So how do you fight through?

Focus on finishing, rather than shooting!

Finishing is the act of placing the ball into the net where shooting is hitting the ball with power from a distance. If you look at all the best goal scorers in the world, majority of their goals are scored by placing or passing the ball into the goal. Once your mindset shifts here, you won't be worried about scoring great goals from outside the box. Yes, still work on this and have it in your skill set, but realise how rare these goals are as a striker. 

It's more important to master the art of finishing than it is to focus on scoring long range goals. So how do you become better at finishing? Ensure you're aware of where the keeper is positioned in the goal and place the ball in the position he's not. It sounds so simple but it takes a lot of practice, particularly when under pressure from defenders.

In training with your team and when by yourself, spend most of your goal scoring work on just passing the ball into the net. The other method you can implement to score more goals is to keep the ball low. If you ask any keeper, they will tell you that it's much harder to stop a ball that is lower to the ground than one that is waist or chest height. 

If you can focus on keeping the ball low and "passing" the ball into the net then you'll find that the amount of goals you score will dramatically increase.

Thanks for reading,

Chris Toovey