Not confident enough to take on your player?

Beating a player is one of the most difficult elements of football

Not having the confidence to take on your player is very common in football and most players who do become proficient in this area have it as well. I've spoken about this a lot over Instagram and YouTube and it all comes down the same concept. Failure is a necessity when wanting to improve at anything. You need to lose possession of the ball hundreds of times and practice beating your man; then accept the failure and keep moving forward.

Many players when they lose possession and can't beat their player give up and start playing the ball backwards. However, the very best players are the ones with courage who are not afraid to get the ball and run at a defender all day!

If you don't have the confidence to take on your player then you need to focus on building that confidence. The only way to become confident in something is to have success whilst doing it and you'll only have success after experiencing a great deal of failure.

The real question here is when you do experience the failure, what is your reaction to it? Do you give up and quit or do you let it motivate you to get better?

Your answer to this question makes the difference between the players who make it to the very highest level and the ones who play football for fun part time. Which one will you be?

Thanks for reading,

Chris Toovey