It's Pre Season, How do you get Fit?

Pre Season Fitness Training can Influence your Entire Season

Well here we are again, welcome to pre season where you get to enjoy the fun of burning off all the excess fat put on over the holiday season. Pre Season is very difficult, there's no two ways about it and all players must go through a gruelling couple of months of fitness training to prepare themselves for the season. 

The harder you work and the more you focus on improving your level of fitness, the greater the chance of having a successful season you'll have. To stand out from the rest of the players in your team, you will have to also put in your own personal hours of fitness training as well as the hours spent with the team. Most players in your team will just do what is necessary at the club... You? You're going to put in more effort than anyone else and become fitter than everyone.

So what fitness exercises can you do to jump ahead of everyone else. Below I'll provide one fantastic drill that is featured in my training program. If you're able to complete this twice a week, combined with the training at your club, you will jump ahead of the pack and stand out for your coach.

1) Football Pitch Lap Intervals

This is the single most painful yet physically rewarding fitness exercise I have ever done. It’s brilliant because you are easily able to monitor your improvement. It involves interval sprints around the perimeter of a football pitch whilst timing each interval. The drill works like this:

Before you begin, complete one lap at 80% speed and time how long it takes. This is your working time to begin with. This is the time you must beat for every single lap you complete and if you don’t, then you are not allowed to do another lap. For example, if you complete an 80% speed lap at 1 minute and 10 seconds then this is the time every lap must beat. 
When you begin your session, start off with the goal of completing three laps at under 1 minute and 10 seconds. If you only beat this for the first two laps but the third is slower than this time, then you are not ready to attempt a 4th lap. Once you do have three faster than the time, then you can begin to increase the amount of laps. 
The beauty with this progression technique is that you can clearly track your improvement. The way I would do this would be before I can reach level 4 (4 laps) I would have to complete 3 under the time for two sessions in a row; then I know I would be ready. The eventual goal is to reach level 10 with 10 interval sprints underneath that time. Once you get here, you then decrease the working time and begin the process again.

1) Pick your working lap time
2) Set a recovery time between laps
3) Complete your first lap and recover
4) Complete this for as many laps as you can that beat your working time
5) Move onto the next level once you can complete the previous level for two sessions in a row


If you're discipled with improving your fitness level with this drill you will see dramatic improvement within yourself. It's incredibly effective and guaranteed to put you ahead of everyone else if you work on it. My training program on this website is filled with three more highly effective fitness drills that are guaranteed to improve your level of fitness. If you're struggling with fitness or working hard in pre season then they will definitely help you out and get you to the level you want to be!


Thanks for reading,

Chris Toovey