How to work well with your teammates?

Team continuity is still so important for your own personal success

How do you personally fit into the team? Do you get on well with your teammates and gel on the pitch?

Many players struggle with this because they have different interpretations of how football should be played. Throw on top of that a manager who is unable to control everyone's expectations and you will have an unsuccessful team. Football is clearly a team game and you're never going to be truly successful as an individual without the help of your teammates.

The best way to work well as a team is for everyone to have the same goals and expectations. When you're all on the same page here, you will have direction as a group and work as one to get there. This is largely down to the coach and how he manages the group together but you can improve this as an individual player as well.

The best way for teammates  to work well together is for everyone to understand the roles and responsibilities of each player. If you have an understanding of why someone is playing their position in a particular way then you will be less likely to become frustrated on the pitch. Communication with people is always the key in working well together as a team. However, most people don't realise this and expect other people to understand what they're doing without telling them.

To work well with your team, you need to ensure that they all understand your role on the pitch and vice versa. This way, everyone can work together to help each individual complete their responsibilities. If your coach isn't doing this for you then ask the coach to explain with more clarity the roles of each player to the entire team. Remember, communication is always the most important factor here, whether it comes from you or your coach is in the detail.

Thanks for reading,

Chris Toovey