How to stand out within your own team

To make it as a professional, you have to stand out!

What can you do within your own team to stand out on the pitch? Let's assume you're a starting player in the team and your desire is to become one of the best players in the competition. Football is obviously a team sport but we still see players who do stand out within their 10 other teammates. So what do you do?

1. Accept Responsibility

All the best players in the world do one important thing, they accept responsibility for the success of the team. They hold themselves to a higher standard and understand that if the team is going to be successful, then they have to perform well. What this does is create confidence and determination within you which will improve your performance. Accepting personal responsibility will mean you're relied upon by your teammates meaning you will certainly stand out on the pitch.

2. Communicate louder than everyone

This tip here is very simple, the loudest player will certainly stand out. However, don't be loud for the sake of being loud! You need to ensure that the words you're using a positive, encouraging and motivating to your teammates. If you have advice for a teammate, coat it in positivity - this will make them more likely to listen to you. Be the type of player that your teammates look to for guidance and support and then you will stand out easily!

3. Stick your chest out and encompass positive body language

Positive body language on the pitch will do a few things for you. As we know, our physiology effects our psychology. If you have positive body language than the way you think will be positive. Behaving in this manner will cause you to stand out because most people whether it be in football or daily life, do not do this! They shy away from "sticking their chest out" and displaying confidence.

Confidence, not cockiness is an extremely attractive quality and it creates a certain aura with your presence. So focus on your physiology, how do you carry yourself and how do others perceive you?
Focus on these three tips and you will certainly stand out within your team.

Thanks for reading,

Chris Toovey