How to improve your confidence

How can you become a more confident player?

The answer to this question is very simple but it's also something that many players need help with. Many players, particularly young players struggle with low levels of confidence and this has a giant impact on their performance during a game. So what can you do to improve your confidence and become a player that plays with intention, clarity and a laser focus.

The answer is this, just do! Try things, make mistakes and learn from your mistakes. The only way to get confident in something is to be good at it and you get good at it by consistent practice, working through the failure and gradually improving. 

Your skillset is obviously very important as well so dedicate hours and hours of training to improving your skills. You need to have the ability on the ball to back up the actions you want to take on the field and when you know you've put in the hours of training, you'll be more confident to try things during a game. However, there is a massive difference between having the skills and then using them on the pitch.

A game is always much more intense and puts you under a lot more pressure than training. This is why players are scared to try the skills they have been practicing. However, you need to understand that making mistakes and failing at the skills in a match is a good thing whilst your developing and it's necessary for your improvement. 

So how do you improve confidence? First understand that failing is necessary and is a part of the process. Accept this and just do! Try the skills, take risks and you will get better, I promise you!

Thanks for reading,

Chris Toovey