How to get on top of your opposition?

How Mentally Strong Is Your Team?

Many teams become even more successful because the mentality of the other team leading into the match is negative and weak. If we look at the current Manchester City side, most teams in the league are going into the game looking for a draw by playing defensively. City are on top of their opposition before the game even starts and they've done this by holding an aura of invincibility. 

But if your team isn't as dominant as Manchester City are, how can you still get in the heads of the other team and be on top before the whistle starts? One great way to do this is during the warm up. If your team is incredibly loud and intense to the point where the other team can easily hear you, they're going to think your side is switched on and up for the game. This will, on some level, intimidate the opposition and put you on top before the first whistle. 

Another thing you can do once the game has begun is in the first few minutes of the game, put in a hard but fair challenge/tackle on your opposing player. This will let them know you're there and the next time they call for the ball, they're going to be expecting another hard tackle from you. Getting in the heads of your opposition will take their minds off football which is exactly what you want. 

Give this a go as a team in your next match and see how it works for you.

Thanks for reading,

Chris Toovey