How to gain your parents support?

We All Want our Parents to Support us in Whatever we do!

Do you desperately want to be a professional footballer but feel like your parents don't 100% support you in your dream? This can be a major deterrent for many young players out there because on some level, we all want to please our parents. When your parents want you to focus on something else then what is it that you can do?

First think to yourself why they want you to focus on something else. Are your parents conservative or are they more open to taking risks? Conservative people will want you to take the safe option and due to the low odds of becoming a professional footballer, this is a scary thing to work towards. Risk taking parents are more open to you pursuing a goal and going 'all in' on it.

So first, figure out where your parents lie on this spectrum. Then think about their reasons for wanting you to do something. Generally, it's because they love you and want the best for you. They want you to succeed just as much as you want to succeed but the problems arise when you both have different versions on the definition of success.

To gain your parents support you need to be completely open to their ideas and suggestions and be confident in telling them what it is you want in life. If it really is your dream to become a professional footballer then you need be clear in telling them this. The more you second guess yourself, the more concern your parents will have. Direct intention and clarity in what you want will be more likely to influence your parents.

Being open to their ideas and suggestions of what they think is best for you is the key here. They have a lot more life experience than you do and in most cases will be thinking long term rather than short. Can you combine your dream with what they think you should do. Can you both come to a compromise and combine each others' expectations.

The best way to gain their support is to truly show that you've listened to their opinion and respect it. People want to be heard, listened to and understood. Once you do this to begin with, they're always then more open to new ideas. So listen to their views, respectfully discuss with them what you want to do and then come to a compromise.

Thanks for reading,

Chris Toovey