How to dribble the ball at speed

The best attacking players all do things at speed

The difference between scoring a goal, beating a player or threading through a pass is often the speed it's executed at. In this article I'm going to briefly explain how you dribble the ball at speed, particularly when you have space in front of you to run into.

The way in which you dribble is dependent on the amount of space you have and if you are under pressure from other players. Here are two examples - one when you have a great deal of space and the other when in tight situations.

When in open space

Take bigger and fewer touches! If you want to dribble as fast as possible you need to spend majority of your time sprinting and not touching the ball. This involves taking touches where the ball is 2-3 meters in front of you. This is incredibly difficult to do though because it's easy to kick the ball too far in front of you straight into the feet of a defender. You need to practice running with the ball at speed whilst still keeping it under control. However, this is only effective if you have lots of space to run into - if you don't, then you need to dribble in a different style!

When in a tight space

When you have defenders close to you and you need to make sharp changes in direction, touch the ball with every step you take. Lionel Messi is the best example of this where he dribbles at a defender by taking a touch on the ball with his left foot every step. This close control allows you to at any stage change direction giving you greater options on the ball.

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