Finding It Difficult To Beat Your Defender?

I remember being stuck as an attacking winger between thinking, should I try to take my player on or turn back and keep possession. Keeping possession was always the safer option but it wasn’t why I was put into the team. As an attacking player your role is to take chances in the final third and provide creativity and flair. The way to do this is to take players on to either run towards goal or create space for your teammates.

However, this is very difficult to do when you don’t know how to beat your defender. I’ll now share with you the two best tips that you can put into practice when it comes to taking beating your man in a 1v1 situation.


1)    Be direct and don’t hold back

Hesitation is what causes most players to lose possession of the ball when they attempt to beat their man. If you show signs of low confidence or aren’t direct with your movement and intention, then most likely you will lose the ball. To beat your player, you really have to “just go for it.” It has to be done at speed with the confidence that you know you’re getting past him. Have you ever played a game where you just dominated the other team? I bet you were confident and I bet it was much easier to beat your player.

This is the mindset you need when coming up against any opposition. Every defender is only human and are they’re all susceptible to the same mistakes. By being direct and taking them on at speed you make it much harder for the defender because they have to make a quick decision. As soon as you hesitate you’re doing them a favour by slowing the game down. Think like this – receive the ball and then run at them and take the ball away into space.


2)    Use simple skill moves

Don’t over complicate your movements. Find yourself one or two skill moves and practice to perfect these. We can’t all be Neymar with an entire dictionary of moves in our back pocket so limit yourself to one or two. What this does is make it easier to be direct because you already know what it is you’re going to do to beat them. Majority of the time we lose possession is because we haven’t perfected the skill that we tried to execute. Keep it simple, perfect one or two skill moves and then use these in a game situation to beat your defender.


Thanks for reading,

Chris Toovey