Facing Rejection

In your playing career have you ever faced rejection? If you have, good. If you haven’t, get ready because it’s coming. We all at some point face rejection whether it be in the form of not making the first team squad or being placed on the bench each week. This is just a part of the game and it’s no issue at all, it’s how you view rejection which can cause the issue.

Rejection is what makes the difference between the players who desperately want to make it and the ones that “only kind of” want to make it. It’s the sharpest tool and you can decide to use it for your advantage or let is cut you out of the game. It’s such a powerful tool because as human beings we naturally take rejection so personally that it can be so difficult to fight against.

So how do you fight against rejection and overcome it? By realising that it’s normal and analysing the situation from an objective point of view. View it as motivation that you want to prove the person wrong who has rejected you. If you’re too sensitive about the issue, then it will break you and you’ll lose motivation. However, if you can be strong enough and own enough self belief then you can overcome rejection.

It’s a tough thing to do, to say to yourself that you know better than the coach and that he’s wrong about you. But guess what, every player who overcomes rejection says this to themselves – and the players that don’t; well they don’t make it as professionals. It’s the ultimate tool for filtering out players and you have to decide, is it going to get the better of you or are you going to beat rejection?

My advice? Beat it!


Thanks for reading,

Chris Toovey