I'm panicking when I receive the ball

How do you handle the moment just before you're about to receive a pass?

The moment just before you receive the ball is crucial in determining what it is you're going to do once you've got it. Are you a player that is confident and takes direct action once you receive it? Or are you scared to make a mistake? This is a matter of mindset but don't worry if you're the latter, you can definitely solve this problem.

Many players take the easy option, they receive a pass and play the easy ball to someone else; even if they're not in a better position. Yes the do keep possession of the ball, but they're not making an impact on the game. To be the type of player that stands out and makes an impact, you need to take risks and have the courage to step into the unknown. This means taking players on or taking your first touch into a positive direction.

So how do you receive the ball with confidence? The first thing to do is to keep your head up and know what is going on around you. If you focus on knowing where other players are then you'll know the direction in which you need to take the ball. The decision of what to do will already be made before you even call for the pass. This one simple little trick drastically improve your confidence before receiving a pass because you will have certainty with what you're going to do with it.

The next thing you can do is work as much as possible on your first touch. Having a great first touch is one of the most important skills to work on as a footballer. If you have the confidence that you can easily get the ball under control or take it away from a defender with your first touch then you'll panic less when receiving the ball.

Another third side tip to add is put yourself into space. Give yourself time on the ball by running into space away from your defender to receive the ball. The more time you've got, the better decisions you'll be able to make on the pitch.

So here are your three main tips: work tirelessly on your first touch, practice deciding what to do with the ball before you receive the pass and give yourself time and space. If you focus on all of these little tips then I can ensure you that you're confidence when receiving the ball will increase.

Thanks for reading,

Chris Toovey