Diet: The Key Factor Towards Your Success

Get Your Diet Right, Period.

This year I have only just started to realise the power of eating a healthy diet and the overall benefits it delivers. I decided that this was the year I would finally get my diet together and put myself in the shape I have always wanted to be in. Since doing this on January 1st, I've already noticed many differences in my life. I won't discuss the specific foods I am now consuming in this article, I'll leave that till later... However, I will provide a few of the benefits that take place when you start to eat properly. Oh, and here's a clue you probably already knew - I don't eat sugar!

I have more energy

I completely restructured my diet into 4 categories with each having a single purpose of improving my life in a different way. One of which, was energy! Many of the foods I now eat are purely for the purpose of providing sustained energy. Boosted levels of energy have brought about a wide array of benefits including: more productivity, more mental clarity and better focus on the tasks at hand.

In future articles I will discuss the 4 categories in detail to paint a clearer picture of how this diet can improve your life.

I sleep better and wake up straight away

I've always been what you would call "a morning person." It has never been that difficult for me to wake up early but since focusing on my diet, this has gone to a new level. I often would have to force myself to get up early and do two productive things before 7am. Nowadays, the act of having to force myself has completely disappeared. I 'spring' up out of bed as soon as I open my eyes. Literally, I'm up and ready to go within 30 seconds of waking up. You wanna know the great thing about it? It feels better to get up and go then it does to keep lying in that comfortable bed.

This has been an enormous change in my life because it now doesn't require as much discipline early in the morning. The other thing, I only sleep for 6 hours a night but I certainly make the most of them!

I train better

As someone who loves training as much as they can, this newfound way of eating has been fantastic for me. I have more energy to train and my body more so now than ever, craves the feeling of hard physical work. My recovery between training days has also been enhanced meaning I can train with more intensity, more often. In the past I would often have constant pains in the stomach which would inhibit my training level but guess what? You guessed it, they're now gone as well.

Overall I can stress enough how important eating a healthy diet it. I think we greatly underestimate the importance of eating clean and the large number of benefits it can bring to our lives. I haven't even touched on the mental and emotional ways my life has improved because I now eat healthily everyday. All I can say is that this is something that anyone and everyone should at least try for a few weeks, just to explore the benefits. Once you do, you'll be hooked and the craving for sugar will be gone, that's for sure!

Thanks for reading,

Chris Toovey