Dealing With What Other People Think

On Some Level We All Struggle With This

Never, ever, ever live your life based on the expectations of other people! There, that's it, article over!

No but seriously, if you are too caught up on what other people think about you or what other people think you should do, you're on the way to failure. Having a strong conviction in what it is you want to do is both attractive to others and beneficial to you. But why do we struggle so much with the thoughts and opinions of other people?

It goes back to when we were living together in tribes 200,000 years ago. Back then, human beings didn't have all of the weapons and knowhow to survive in the wilderness. So a human who was living by themselves and isolated, would quickly die most of the time because it wasn't able to defend itself from predators. However, the human beings who stuck together in groups and worked together as a team were the ones who could outsmart their predators to survive.

This necessity to stay in a group meant that human beings would say or do whatever it took to assimilate and follow the crowd. This is why we find it so hard to break free from everyone else in today's world. It's written in our DNA to conform to the crowd and be heavily reliant on the opinions of other people. However, to be a true outlier and become successful, you have to break free from the rest of the pack and go solo. 

This concept of breaking away from everyone involves not taking other people's opinions as serious and valuing your own opinions much more. Having conviction in what it is you want to do is a must! 

In regards to football, you have to chase your dream with everything you have. If you desperately want to be a professional footballer, it's a must that you listen to yourself. No matter what your friends think, your parents think or anyone else, if it's what you want then you have to chase it with 100% of your energy. It's certainly unnatural and a difficult thing to do to stop caring about the opinions of others, but when you finally get there, you'll find that you are far closer to achieving your dream.

Thanks for reading,

Chris Toovey