Coutinho to FC Barcelona

Philippe Coutinho has transferred to FC Barcelona!

This always seemed inevitable. As a Liverpool supporter myself, I have been renowned to the fact we were going to lose him all season now. My view is that this was a great deal for both parties and that we should wish the very best of luck to Philippe for the rest of his career in Spain.

It's no surprise that all players grow up dreaming of playing at either Real Madrid or Barcelona, particularly South Americans. These are the two biggest clubs in the world and also play host to the best players in the world. I mean really, if you were offered the chance to play week in week out with Lionel Messi and get paid more money, I'm sure you would do it.

As Liverpool supporters I think we should be grateful for what Philippe gave to us, the same as what Luis Suarez gave. They scored incredible goals and elevated our level of play, as well as the players around them. Philippe appears to be on the way to becoming a world class player, if he's not there already and I think we should appreciate what he did for us at Liverpool. 

Yes there will be people out there who call him a snake but if we have a good think about it, would you really turn down a move to Barcelona? Coutinho was nothing but professional in the way he conducted himself as a Liverpool player and I think he should be praised for his season so far, even though you could tell he desperately wanted the move.

Now the question is, what will we do with the money we have received for him? Van Dijk has a lot of potential to be a major solution to a problem we've had for many years and I'm hoping he can become one of our greatest ever defenders. My hopes are up for Naby Keita who is arriving next week but we still need more reinforcements if we are to improve and cement a top 4 position this season. 

Let's hope we can land the signing of Thomas Lemar or another dangerous attacking weapon. Come on Jurgen, let's bring back the glory days!

Thanks for reading,

Chris Toovey