Category 5 - Brain Function

The Way You Think Is Affected By The Way You Eat

Yes that is true. Your perspective, your thoughts and feelings can all be influenced by the foods you are eating every single day. Since I got my diet on track this year, I have noticed an immense difference in the way my brain operates. I'm able to be more positive and am now doing things that beforehand, I never had the discipline to do. Discipline has been a big one, I'm now writing 5 of these articles every week and reading at least one book per week. Before creating this diet, I was never a hope of doing any of this.

I have noticed that with eating the right foods to fuel my brain, I have more energy at night and my brain doesn't wear out the way it used to. Things like mental clarity, a positive perspective and a giant increase in focus have all been a result of eating foods that are designed to assist my brain. When you have a healthier brain it functions so much better and has a huge effect on your life. 

You feel great about yourself too! We all know the feeling of gorging on a giant pizza or scoffing down some cake and then regretting it half an hour later. This is a terrible feeling and you don't want to experience this in your life every single day. I'm not saying we should never eat these foods because you definitely want to enjoy life a bit! However, when you live each day eating the right foods, you will feel so much better about yourself, have more respect for yourself and hold yourself to a higher standard. Sound good? Well let's do this!

So what foods should be eating for a healthy brain. Here they are!
Salmon, blueberries, celery, eggs, pumpkin seeds, walnuts and dark chocolate (only a bit).

These foods above are some of the very best when it comes to fuelling your brain. The great thing about them is you can feel the benefits very quickly. If it's late in the afternoon and you're starting to feel a little tired, snack on some blueberries and walnuts and just let yourself experience the difference in how you feel. You'll be amazed in the difference it makes to your brain and as a result, you'll be more productive and achieve a whole lot more in your life, simply because you're eating the right foods.

Thanks for reading,

Chris Toovey