Body Positioning: What is it and Why is it Important?

Master This And Football Will Become A Much Easier Game For You

So what is body positioning? It is the act of placing yourself in a way where your body is between the defender and the ball. Doing this will allow you to keep possession a lot more because it is much harder to win the ball through someone's body. Many players such as Iniesta from Barcelona have perfected this where they are able to turn past players because their defenders aren't able to even see the ball.

If you can master body positioning and receive the ball in such a way where the defender can't get near it, your effectiveness on the pitch will increase. In previous articles I've discussed knowing what you want to do with the ball before you call for the pass - this now takes it to another level where you want to know how to position your body before you call for the pass as well.

When it comes to knowing how you should position your body, you need to know where you closest defender is. For example, if they are running towards you from the left hand side then with your left shoulder you can lean into them and take the ball on the outside of your right foot. Using your body you can resist their challenge and get past them with one simple turn.

Body positioning is so important because it allows you to get past defenders without having to perform a skill. You can leave a player for dust easily with one simple turn so before you bother practicing all the moves to beat a player, get this part of your game right first. For central midfielders, having great body positioning can completely open up the game for you as it gives you the opportunity to take the ball in any direction you want.

So focus on this in training, focus on keeping your body between the ball and your defender and you will find that you keep the ball much more frequently. 

Thanks for reading,

Chris Toovey