Are you playing in the best position for you?

Many players could be performing much better, if they were playing in the right position!

As we grow up and watch professional football, we all idolise different famous players. The players we idolise often have a huge influence in the way we play football because we want to play like them. In most cases we all start off wanting to be the goal scorers and play in attacking positions and as we get older, some players move further down the pitch.

Sometimes we have an idealistic perspective about the position we think we should be playing, even if it doesn't necessarily suit our characteristics. The key thing to remember is just because your favourite player plays in a certain position, it doesn't mean you should! The position you should play should suit both your physical and natural tactical characteristics.

For example, if you're tall, slow and not the most agile of players - you shouldn't be playing as an attacking winger. Regardless of the fact that Neymar is your favourite player and you want to emulate him, you just aren't suited to play football in that way. So what's the secret? Should you dramatically aim to change your body shape and work ridiculously hard to perform well in your desired position? Yeah, you could - but I would argue that making it as a footballer is hard enough as it is and you need to give yourself every advantage you can!

Using this player characteristic example of being tall and slow, you will be fighting an up hill battle your entire career to make it as an attacking winger. You will also be competing against shorter, sharper and faster players who are naturally  suited for that position. Simply put, having an idealistic perspective about where you should be playing, could end up being your biggest flaw.

All of this requires self awareness. You have to become a person who is completely aware of your own natural characteristics and then decide to use these to your advantage, not your disadvantage! Once you do this, you will find that football becomes a much easier game and you can concentrate on becoming an exceptional player in the position that's suited for you, rather than a "decent" player in the one that's not.

Thanks for reading,

Chris Toovey