Are You Being Shouted at by Senior Players?

Are you feeling like the senior players don't want you to be in the team? 

As young players it can always be a long and difficult process of cementing your position in the squad. It can be even tougher when you're making mistakes and you have older more senior players yelling at you for them. What you have to understand is that this is not personal, it's just a part of senior football.

Generally, in junior football, players don't have the confidence to yell at another player on their team. However, in senior football, when it becomes a lot more competitive you will find players take the game very seriously. There is a major difference between junior and senior football and the level of seriousness that players take the game is one of them.

Adults will have a lot more confidence and conviction in their beliefs than younger junior players so they are definitely more likely to give you a shout than you're previous junior teammates. As you continue to develop in senior you will become more comfortable with this and adapt as you grow.

Teammates shouting at each other is perfectly normal because they're competitive and they want to win. A great example of this is Roy Keane at Manchester United. I have never seen a player take football so serious; he would yell at his teammates all the time. This worked very well for Manchester United because it forced the players around him to switch on and stop being lazy on the pitch.

There is also a thing called 'white line fever' where players become a different person as soon as they cross that white sideline and step onto the pitch. The biggest thing to understand here is that it's perfectly normal for players to shout and temporarily get angry at each other, all it means is that they want to win. Notice that you're not the only player who is being shouted at, they do it to each other as well. 

As soon as you realise it's not personal you will be able to get on with it and be more comfortable within the squad. If you have the confidence, sometimes even give it back to them - you never know, you may even gain more respect out of them ;)


Thanks for reading,

Chris Toovey