A Very Successful Diet Split Into 4 Categories - Category 1


This is the first of the four articles I'm going to be releasing this week about a healthy diet for improving your daily life. Before starting I will say that this is all based off my personal opinion and experiences and by no means am I declaring to be a professional in this field. However, since following this lifestyle of eating I have gone to new levels in terms of athletic performance and have dramatically improved my body and brain function. I would love for all of you to experience this too.

When I created this diet I split it up into 4 categories: energy, gut biome, alkaline pH level and brain function. This article is going to be about energy.

We all know that eating food provides us with energy and we all know that some foods provide more energy than others. So, why don't we specifically single out the best foods for energy? My guess is because they're just not as fun to eat. There is also a lot of complexity when it comes to Low or High GI and how long it takes our body to harvest that energy from the foods.

What I have done is single out 7 particular foods in each of these 4 categories and have implemented them heavily into my diet. This doesn't mean that you have to eat all 28 of these foods every single day; you can pick and choose to add variety. So here they are, the 7 foods I selected and have found give me huge amounts of energy that I can sustain throughout the day.
Quinoa, Rolled Oats, Green Tea, Lentils, Goji Berries, Asparagus and Sweet Potato.

As you can see, most of these are high in carbohydrates and generally as a rule of thumb I try to minimise the amount of carb intake I have in a day. As an example for my lunch, I will only choose one of these to have and at most, only consume 2 of the 7 in  day. However, these foods provide so much benefit in terms of nutrients and energy that they certainly keeps me feeling alert and active throughout the day.

Every single one of us know the benefits of having high levels of energy. We're more productive, feel happier and are in an optimal state of being. Most of us don't actively try and control this "high energy" state, we think it just comes and goes and try to enjoy the benefits when it's there. However, we can ensure that we achieve this state every single day by eating the right foods.

Your life, training and fitness goals can become that much easier to achieve when you get this crucial component right. Have a go with implementing these foods into your diet and see how it works for you. Of course, we all have completely different body types and shapes and for some this may not work as efficiently. However, the secret is to be disciplined with what you eat and make sure that whatever those foods are, that you know the exact benefit you are going to get from them.

Thanks for reading,

Chris Toovey