1 on 1 Situations with the Goalkeeper

Tips on how to score more goals when 1 on 1 with the keeper

Most times when you are 1v1 with the goalkeeper and in on goal it's a head game more than it is a technical. Many players make mistakes in these situations become they're not relaxed and panic when they go to take their shot. The secret to success in these situations is to be relaxed, confident and positive. 

Being decisive and not hesitating when taking your shot is a must when your 1v1. The tiniest moment of hesitation is exactly what a goalkeeper wants and they will do everything they can to create this in you. However, if your mindset is right and you know exactly what you want to do and execute on it without hesitating, you'll certainly have more success.

So what are some practical things that you can try when you have these chances? When dribbling towards the keeper you need to ensure that you commit them without dribbling to close to them. If you get to close to them they can shut down your angle and you won't have anywhere to aim for. The idea is that you take your shot approximately 3-4m away from the keeper whilst keeping the ball low. From this distance and with the ball rolling along the ground, they're much harder to save!

Other little tricks you can try is to feint a shot to commit the keeper and then either dribble around them or shoot in the opposite direction to the feint. These are always high pressure situations and it's very difficult to get your head switched on the excel in this area. The best way to improve is to practice your finishing by keeping the ball low and hitting the corners of the net.

When you have a shooting drill in club training, use these opportunities to fix your mindset and improve your confidence in beating the keeper 1v1. It all comes down to practice in the end and the more you do, the better you'll get.


Thanks for reading,

Chris Toovey